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Establishing and strengthening good relations with business partners help not only to conduct business in good faith and fulfill the terms of the contract, but also to communicate outside the offices.
A great place to get to know business partners more closely, discuss problems and negotiate is a business meal.

A formal dinner requires a strict sequence of actions, submission to the business protocol, compliance with the norms and rules of etiquette.
Therefore, this case must be transferred to experts.

We will be able to arrange for you:

  • Official receptions
  • Business Lunches and Dinners
  • Buffets and coffee - breaks
  • Catering (away buffets)

When organizing an official reception, the following tasks are solved:

- determining the type of reception, taking into account the objectives of the event;
- determining the place and time;
- drawing up a list of invitees;
- mailing invitation;
- organization of feedback;
- preparation of the layout;
- drafting the menu;
- identification of parking spaces for guests;
- room decoration;
- security.

Each stage is monitored by protocol specialists, thus you can be confident in the success of the event.
And our partners will create for you the atmosphere of a good restaurant in any place, wherever you decide to hold your event:
Ethno-complex "Supara" * Restaurant "Frunze" * Restaurant "Europe" * "Tubeteika", "Barashek" and others.

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