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Typography and Printing

Prompt printing
Atlas Group is pleased to provide printing and printing services. When receiving an order, our team assumes responsibility and responsibility for the reputation of the client. Therefore, we work only on high-quality results. For many of our clients, we are a reliable partner, and this makes us happy, because one of our goals is customer satisfaction with printed products. Our prices will surprise you, and also you will be satisfied with the timing of the order.

Сolor print
Color printing is the most demanded service of our printing house. By contacting us, you can order the manufacture of such products as advertising leaflets, business cards, drawings, flyers and so on. Our printing house provides its services 24/7, and it does so at a very attractive price.

Promotional Booklets
Specialists of our printing house print advertising leaflets 24/7 on a special, modern equipment. This allows us to quickly fulfill even very large orders, without prejudice to the quality of the finished product.

Print office calendars
Quarter calendars are usually ordered by the owners of office enterprises, as well as utilities. Due to their huge number, printing quarterly calendars is a service that is in great demand. Our printing house accepts such orders around the clock, and performs them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Large format printing 
In order for large format printing to be carried out around the clock at a decent level, it is necessary to use specialized, sophisticated equipment that is quite expensive and that people should be trained in. We have large format printing around the clock produced exclusively by professionals, which explains the always high quality of finished products.

Printing of business cards, flyers, leaflets
Printing flyers ordered in the run-up to a particular event, in order to distribute them to people and attract their attention. Color printing is usually used for their production, as it allows to get bright, colorful and noticeable products. Our printing house is open 24/7 ready to provide a number of very useful services, including printing flyers, printing business cards, printing calendars, printing leaflets. In addition, we carry out lamination, we can order scanning, copying, binding.

Poster printing
If you are looking for where to order poster printing 24/7 at the most attractive cost, you should consider the offer of our printing house. The color printing that we carry out allows us to receive bright and beautiful posters of any size that will surely look great in any home or workplace.
Posters print are often ordered by advertising agencies, as well as by firms planning to hold promotions, and report this to the maximum number of consumers.

Print drawings 
Our company carries out the printing of drawings. Most modern students surely know the full value of such services as printing drawings around the clock. In addition, it may be required at work in enterprises specializing in the design of certain structures.
The printing of drawings - that service of our printing house which is ordered rather often.
Our printing house 24 hours every day works without interruption. In order for the equipment not to fail at such a high load, we buy only modern and efficient equipment. We also use only high quality consumables.

  • Advertising printing products - booklets, branded bags, flyers, flyers;
  • Calendars wall, pocket, table, different in design and level of processing;
  • Magazine and book products books, catalogs, brochures;
  • Office printing products conference covers, business cards, envelopes, note pads;
  • Packaging products - bags, boxes.
  • Услуги дизайнера — от 1000 сом
  • Печать баннера Бишкек — 150 сом м2
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